What is Wordans?
Wordans is an ecommerce website specialized in custom t-shirts and accessories. Wordans is also a great platform for designers and entrepreneurs who want to showcase their talent and currently holds thousands of designs to be printed on custom accessories. Wordans also offers a platform for online boutiques with thousands of users selling their t-shirts online!
What is the affiliate program?
Wordans' affiliate program is a platform that rewards you for bringing traffic to Wordans from your social media accounts or from your website. For each sale on Wordans that has been sent from your account, you will receive 10%.
Do I have to pay to open an account?
No, opening an account is completely free!
I don't have a website, can I still join your affiliate program?
Sure, you can redirect from any of your social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google + , Youtube, Instagram, etc) or even by email or through flyers or business cards!
Where do I find the banners to advertise or the links to use?
You will find all the banners and links after you create an account and login into your affiliate account.
I need further help! Can anyone help me please?!
Sure, contact us at partners@wordans.com or 1-877-286-2440 we will be happy to assist.